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A Spiritual Blink

A Spiritual Blink

It happens so fast, (in about 3/10ths of a second), so often (about 17,000 time a day), and so automatically that we rarely even notice it. Blinking contributes to the health and protection of our eyes, and the best part about it is that it usually just happens without us having to think about it.

What if we were to develop spiritual blinks? I know that generally our response to God is to be conscious submission of mind, soul, and body, but what if we were so in tune with God that, like a blink, we would automatically choose what contributes to the health and protection of our soul!

Thinking without thinking. Blinking our eyes is a physical response almost as basic as breathing. Our brains think about it without us having to go through a conscious reasoning process. The very basis of following Christ is the renewal of our minds (Ep 4:23). We are to be so trained by the Word of God, understanding and accepting it so much, that it can be said that we have the “mind of Christ” (1 Co 2:16). While this includes our reasoning like Him, it surely goes deeper – we must be like Him to the degree that we sill think and respond like Jesus in an instant, when there is no time to stop and reason things through.

Real life. Things often happen too fast for us to tell our eyes to blink. Usually, it would be too late and eye damage would occur. Daily like rarely waits for spiritual decisions. There are unexpected situations, pressures, and potential consequences constantly trying to overrun us. If we have been “transformed by the renewing” of our minds (Ro 12:2) we can have a response already prepared, or have the presence of mind to refuse to act until we are convinced we have a good response (Ro 14:23; 1 Th 5:21).

Good habits. Although we usually warn about bad habits (dangerous or sinful thoughts and actions which we maybe have without thinking), we don’t talk enough about good habits (positive or righteous spiritual thoughts and actions which we may have without thinking). For them to be right, they are going to have to develop by repeated and consistent exposure to the Truth – the word of God. At first, application may seem difficult, awkward, and even impossible, but eventually it can become the core of who we are. Decisions are then already made before the temptation, before life throws something unexpected at us. We will automatically respond with a spiritual blink which protects and strengthens us.

Warning. Blinking is not supposed to interfere with or replace rational thinking. We have to remember that automatic spiritual responses are only as good as we have trained them. Even a hint of a “carnal mind” can cause a decision or response that is opposed to God and His will (Ro 8:5-7). So, we much constantly train our minds, correcting them when needed, while consciously making every effort to “…grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ” (2 Pe 3:18).