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How To Teach So Nobody Will be Converted

How To Teach So Nobody Will be Converted

Reverse the principles from First Thessalonians and you’ll see teaching that converts no one…

  1. Be unwilling to suffer. Refuse to put yourself out or risk anything for Christ (2:1-2)
  2. Be timid (2:2)
  3. Use tricks and deceit (2:3)
  4. Please men. Make popularity more important than pleasing God (2:4)
  5. Flatter men. Teach only to flatter and impress rather than convict people of sin (2:5)
  6. Seek glory for yourself (2:6)
  7. Don’t ever be gentle. Beat people down with the truth (2:7).
  8. Be selfish. Be unwilling to give or yourself to others (2:8)
  9. Be inconsistent. Don’t practice what you preach (2:10)
  10. Only focus on the negative. Never commend anybody for doing a good job or what is right (2:11-13).
  11. Compromise. Don’t expect people to accept that the Bible really is the word of God (2:13).
  12. Only focus on the positive. Don’t ever show people that they must be willing to give things up and suffer for Christ (2:14).
  13. Never make applications. Rebuke sin in general terms without ever teaching against specific sins seen in a congregations (2 Th 3:11)

First and Second Thessalonians says do the opposite of these and the gospel will make a difference in lives!