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Miracles (3) When?

Miracles (3) When?

Miracles, events or things that can’t be explained using natural or physical power, happen throughout the pages of the Old and New Testaments. Last week we talked about why:

Miracles created all things
God communicated with miracles
Miracles showed Jesus is the Messiah and God spoke through Him and His apostles and prophets

So, what about now? Are miracles still happening?

First, remember the Biblical definition of miracle. It is an event or thing that can’t be explained by natural or physical power. They aren’t just strange, amazing, or unexpected things that happen. People often say something was a miracle when, in reality, it was only something improbable.

Second, God is still alive and working today and we shouldn’t limit what He can or cannot do. Much of what is called “providence” is asking God to do something with His power in our physical world (heal, give safety, provide for, strengthen, give wisdom, etc.). It is important to remember that God has not promised to grant all our wishes and meet all our physical needs (He may or may not, according to His will). And things like healing may not be instantaneous as sometimes in the Bible. God may use natural means.

Third, God has not promised to work miraculously through the hands of men as we often see in Scripture. These “gifts” were used by God to reveal and confirm His will (He 2:3-4). When the full and perfect revelation was given, these gifts and signs would no longer be necessary (1 Co 13:10-12).  We are not seeing miracles being done as they were in the first century (immediate healing of all diseases, healing blindness, and raising the dead). It is not that God has changed, it is that it is no longer needed. We can have faith through the Word without miracles (Ro 10:17). Jesus promised the apostles that they would be led into all truth (Jn 16:13-15). We have the revealed will of God and are able to have faith, repent, and obey.

We need to trust in God through His Word that was revealed and confirmed by miracles. If that’s not enough evidence for faith, I doubt someone would believe if they saw a miracle for themselves.                                       dd